Here’s a peek at the contents of the spring 2019 Black Camera edited by Dr. Michael Martin and published by Indiana University Press. Full access available via Jstor. Black Camera was recently ranked 4th most-cited film studies journal.

Call for Close-Up Submissions

Nina Simone: This special issue of Black Camera takes up the figure of Nina Simone as a musician, a political activist, and as a historical and visionary figure whose life and legacy we continue to grapple with today.

Please submit completed essays, a 150-word abstract, and a 50–100 word biography by January 15, 2019. Submissions should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. Please see journal guidelines for more on the submission policy. 

Direct all questions, correspondence, and submissions to guest editors Jordan Alexander Stein ( and Salamishah Tillet (


Strictly a Laughing Matter?: The Significance of the Blaxploitation Movement and Black Dynamite as Parody
Novotny Lawrence

Re-Reading Birth of a Nation: European Contexts and the War Film
Jonathan Wright

Close-Up: The New York Scene

Introduction: A Scene of New Worlds
Nicholas Forster and Michele Prettyman

Controlling the World Within the Frame: Julie Dash and Ayoka Chenzira Reflect on New York and Filmmaking
Michele Prettyman

Art on Her Mind: The Making of Kathleen Collins’s Cinema of Interiority
Hayley O’Malley

Witnessing One Transformation, Charting Another: The Various Lives of Paul Carter Harrison
Nicholas Forster

VAMP 94 (From: Don’t Woke Him, Let Him Slept: A Vamp on the American Wet Dream)
Paul Carter Harrison

Talent X Relationships/Knowledge: An Interview with Roy Campanella II
Nicholas Forster

On Becoming Me: 1980s NYC Arts and Culture Through a Queer Lens
Thomas Allen Harris

Capture and Release: Curating and Exhibiting the East Coast Independent Black Film Movement, 1968-1992
Michelle Materre

Close-Up: Ava DuVernay’s Selma (2014)

Introduction: The Film and History of Selma, Alabama, 1965
Lamont H. Yeakey

Seen and Heard: Negotiating the Black Female Ethos in Selma
David G. Holmes

The Historical Record and the American Imaginary: Adapting History in Selma
Delphine Letort

Illuminating Shadowed Histories: Centering Black Women’s Activism in Selma
Danyelle Greene

Africultures Dossier

African Cinema of the 2010s
Olivier Barlet

African Women in Cinema Dossier

Safi Faye’s Mossane: A Song to Women, to Beauty, to Africa
Beti Ellerson

Book Review

Jans B. Wager, Jazz and Cocktails: Rethinking Race and the Sound of Film Noir
Jon Gudmundson

If you are interested in subscribing to Black Camera individually or for your institution, please contact Indiana University Press (1-800-842-6796) or IUP Order.  You can chose to have print, electronic, or both print and electronic subscriptions.

Fall 2019 Speakers and Films at BFC/A

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  • September 14, Crystal Z. Campbell and Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich Films at IU Cinema.
  • September 18, Nikyatu Jusu and Nuotama Bodomo Films at 7PM in Wells 048.
  • September 19, Dr. TreaAndrea Russworm Public Talk at noon in FF 312.
  • September 23, Numa Perrier screens Jezebel at 7PM, IU Cinema.
  • September 24, Numa Perrier discusses her craft in Jorgensen at 5PM, IU Cinema.
  • September 27, Rough & Unequal lunch roundtable at noon in Grunwald Gallery.
  • September 27, Public Conversation with Kevin Jerome Everson, 5PM, Fine Arts 015.
  • September 27, Rough & Unequal reception in the Grunwald Gallery at 6-7:30PM.
  • September 28, Screening with Kevin Everson and Ross Gay in Wells 048 at 2PM.
  • November 4, Screening Do the Right Thing at 7PM in IU Cinema.
  • November 6, Screening Hyenas at 7PM in IULMIA Wells 048.
  • November 8, Screening Babylon at 7PM in IU Cinema.

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