The Black Film Center/Archive in The Media School at Indiana University-Bloomington is pleased to announce 2018 Black Film Center/Archive Visiting Research Fellowships to support research toward a dissertation, thesis, publication, presentation, or production. These competitive fellowships for visiting researchers residing outside the Bloomington area are intended to advance the study of black film and media and to promote research in the collections at the BFC/A by filmmakers, graduate students, independent scholars, and faculty members at any rank. Scholars and filmmakers currently working or studying at an HBCU are strongly encouraged to apply.

About the BFC/A

Established in 1981, the Black Film Center/Archive is the first archival repository dedicated to collecting, preserving, and making available historically and culturally significant films by and about people of African descent around the world as well as recognizing forgotten creators and re-discovering overlooked works and documents.

BFCA Location



The BFC/A is located in Bloomington, Indiana.  Bloomington is within a day’s drive of cities including Chicago, IL (196 mi.), Detroit, MI (335 mi.), St. Louis, MO (227 mi.), Nashville, TN (270 mi.), Louisville, KY (105 mi.), Columbus, OH (225 mi.) and more.  For access by air travel, convenient flights are available into the Indianapolis International Airport, located 45 mi. north of Bloomington.


The resources of the BFC/A include print, graphic, manuscript, and audiovisual research materials.  Collections include the papers of early race film producer and distributor Richard E. Norman; the archives of the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame, Inc.; research papers from creatives, collectors, and scholars including Camille Billops, James Hatch, J. Ronald Green, and Josef Gugler; original film and video elements from artists including Jessie Maple, Alile Sharon Larkin, Bridgett M. Davis, S. Torriano Berry, and others.  More information about the BFC/A’s collections is available online at


Individual fellowship awards of up to $1500 each will be presented in support of travel, local accommodations, and/or research expenses. Awards must be used within one year of the award date and recipients must conduct research on-site at the archives in Bloomington during the period of their awards.

How to Apply

Applicants are asked to submit a brief research proposal, not to exceed three pages (double-spaced) with a cover page indicating basic information such as name, affiliation, title of the project, and amount requested. Project proposals should demonstrate that the BFC/A’s resources are integral to proposed research topics and creative endeavors. Candidates are encouraged to inquire with BFC/A staff about the feasibility of a proposed topic and research plan before applying.

The proposal should (a) emphasize the relationship of the BFC/A collections to the project, (b) include the length and preferred dates of the visit, which may include the summer months and (c) detail a budget specific to this research proposal which includes travel costs, living and research expenses, and any other source of financial support for this research trip. Applicants are also asked to submit a résumé or CV; for graduate students or other researchers whose résumés do not include a list of publications in their fields of research, two confidential letters of recommendation are also required.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2018

Awards Announced: March 15, 2018

Send applications for the Black Film Center/Archive Visiting Research Fellowship to:

Terri Francis, Director
Black Film Center/Archive
1320 E 10th Street, Wells Library 044
Bloomington IN 47405 (Visiting Research Fellowships in the subject line)
Phone: (812) 855-6041
Fax: (812) 856-5832

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