Maestra, a 2011 documentary by Catherine Murphy, will be shown at the IU Cinema on October 8th, at 7pm. From the IU Cinema homepage:

In 1960, Cuba made an open call for volunteer teachers for the Cuban Literacy Campaign. Over 250,000 people volunteered, including thousands of very young women who achieved a degree of independence virtually unknown by Cuban women at the time. Maestra explores the stories of eight of these women and we see how the experience changed their lives, and the lives of others.

Murphy will be present at the screening, and BFC/A Director Michael Martin will moderate a panel discussion after the film.  Below, the trailer:

The film is part of the CUBAmistad Series at IU, which celebrates Cuban art and film, and of which the BFC/A is a sponsor.  CUBAmistad is a program of the City of Bloomington (Indiana) and Santa Clara (Cuba); the two are sister-cities. Juan of the Dead, a horror/comedy, will be the next film in the series on October 29th.  All screenings are free, but ticketed.

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