Claressa Shields, at 17, will be the youngest woman boxer at the Olympics this year – a testament to her skill in the ring.  And there’s currently a feature length documentary in the works about here – a testament to her radiant personality.


Shields in Flint. Photo from

Drea Cooper, Zackary Canepari, and Sue Johnson set out to make a documentary about female fighters.  When they found Shields, they stayed with her – filming all the while.  Now, with the Olympics looming and with more and more pieces of the documentary coming into place, the crew has launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate funding to finish the film. The Kickstarter page has much more information about the film and includes some great clips of Shields.

Here, the teaser for T-REX, which takes its name from Shields’ nickname:

Some more press on Shields – NPR has a story on her here; CNN ran an interesting photo spread here; and video by the New York Times is here.  Be sure to tune in to see Shields at the Olympics, and then catch the documentary later down the road.

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