On the 23rd and 24th of February, IU Cinema will celebrate non-traditional Brazilian with the series Cinema Maldito: On the Margins of Brazilian Cinema.  This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse (José Mojica Marins, 1967), The Red Light Bandit (Rogério Sganzerla, 1968), and  Romance (Sergio Bianchi, 1987) will be shown.  From the IU Cinema on the series’ raison d’etre:

While Brazilian and other Latin American cinemas are often discussed as being “peripheral”–accounting for woefully small percentages of their domestic markets, all dominated by the Hollywood giant–those very cinemas have developed their own margins, films which for various reasons fall outside the mainstream of domestic films.  Brazil has a rich tradition of fervent creativity on the margins: there were always filmmakers ready, willing and able to challenge what passed for the establishment.

Romance (1987, Sergio Bianchi)

Complimenting the three feature films will be a lecture by Richard Peña about his 25 year long tenure programming the New York Film Festival.  Peña is Director of the Lincoln Film Center in NYC and is Professor of Film at Columbia University.

This series is sponsored by Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the IU Cinema, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Black Film Center Archive, the Department of Communication and Culture and the Latino Studies program.

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