PEDRO COSTA: October 8 @ IU Cinema

In Vanda’s Room – 2000: 3:00pm

Drama, Foreign Language

With the intimate feel of a documentary and the texture of a Vermeer painting, Pedro Costa’s In Vanda’s Room takes an unflinching, fragmentary look at a handful of self-destructive, marginalized people, but is centered around the heroin-addicted Vanda Duarte. (35mm. Portuguese language with English subtitles.)

Ne Change Rien – 2009: 6:30pm

Documentary, Foreign Language

Ne Change Rien was born from the friendship uniting French actress and singer Jeanne Balibar, sound engineer Philippe Morel, and Pedro Costa. The film captures Balibar from rehearsals to recording sessions, from concerts to classical singing lessons, from the attic in Saintes Marie-aux-Mines to the stage of a Tokyo café, from Johnny Guitar to Offenbach’s La Perichole. (35mm. Portuguese language with English subtitles.)

Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie? – 2001: 9:30pm

Documentary, Foreign Language

Pedro Costa captures this great portrait of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet at work while they were re-editing the third version of Sicilia! at the Studio National des Arts Contemporains in Le Fresnoy. The film is a work of friendship and dedication and a lesson in cinema. (35mm. Portuguese language with English subtitles.)

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