Lecture with Pedro Costa: 3:00pm

Film Director Pedro Costa will be a Jorgensen Guest Lecturer on October 6th at 3pm in the IU Cinema.  The lecture will be in interview format, led by James Naremore Professor Emeritus, IU Department of Communication and Culture, and Darlene Sadlier, Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese.  Costa’s films have influenced a generation of world filmmakers who work to blur the border between documentary and narrative film.

Down to Earth – 1994: 7:00pm

Drama, Foreign Language

Leão, a Cape Verdean immigrant and a bricklayer, falls off the scaffolding in Lisbon and enters a deep coma. Arrangements are made for him to return to his homeland. A nurse, Mariana, eager for a change of scenery, volunteers to accompany him. When she arrives, nothing is like she expected. No one seems to be waiting for Leão or even to care for him. Mariana waits for someone to claim Leão and waits for him to wake up. She gets increasingly involved with the mysterious Fogo volcano community, taking her life in an unexpected direction. (35mm. Portuguese language with English subtitles.)

Ossos (Bones) – 1997: 10:00pm

Drama, Foreign Language

After a suicidal teenage girl gives birth, she misguidedly entrusts her baby’s safety to the troubled, deadbeat father. The first film in Pedro Costa’s transformative trilogy about Fontainhas, an impoverished quarter of Lisbon, Ossos is a tale of young lives torn apart by desperation. (35mm. Portuguese language with English subtitles.)

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