The BFC/A turns 30 this year, and we plan to celebrate!  We have an exciting array of events and activities for students, faculty, community members, and visitors this semester.

BFC/A is currently featured in the main display case at Wells Library
  • Aug 28: We are co-sponsoring a screening of the classic blaxploitation film Shaft at IU Cinema.
  • Sept 30; Oct. 14; Oct 28: Friday afternoon screenings of films from the Archive.
  • Nov 4: Dedication of the Reading Room to Phyllis Klotman, the first director of the BFC/A.  Charles Burnett will be in attendance.
  • Nov 3-6: Charles Burnett films screened at IU Cinema.

This, of course, is just a taste of what will be going on this semester.  We’re also creating new special events that we’ll post about in the coming weeks.  So stayed tuned!

For more information, please contact us at

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