Quentin Tarantino’s mysterious new project (which he was referring to as a “Southern,” describing the setting of his unique take on the genre) hit the web this weekend, and movie enthusiasts were happy to finally know the name of his new film: Django Unchained. After the leak, a source who claims to have read said screenplay offered the site Shadow and Act a brief synopsis:

“Django is a freed slave, who, under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter (to be played by Christoph Waltz) becomes a bad-ass bounty hunter himself, and after assisting Waltz in taking down some bad guys for profit, is helped by Waltz in tracking down his slave wife and liberating her from an evil plantation owner.”

Sounds like classic a pretty classic Wild West scenario, but with a twist. You don’t often see Western’s feature black protagonists (there are exceptions, but generally African American actors have taken on supporting roles in films set in the American frontier) or German co-stars, but this being a Tarantino production, anything goes. The main thing to keep in mind is that this will likely be very much the “Southern” that the filmmaker promised and that knowledge provides some context for the synopsis. As stated, Christoph Waltz (who won an Oscar for QT’s Basterds) will play the German bounty hunter while the rest of the cast falls into place. Collider says that both Keith Carridine and Treat Williams will also appear in the picture.

By Daniel Hubschman , Hollywood.com Staff, 05/01/11

Click here to read the entire article.

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