Reelout 12
Queer Film & Video Festival
January 27 – February 5, 2011
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, February 1st, 7pm at the Etherington Auditorium

Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project

dir : Charles B. Brack
2008/ USA / 58 min

Sakia Gunn was a vibrant, talented 15 year-old African-American lesbian when she was stabbed to death in a brutal hate crime in downtown Newark, New Jersey in 2003. Dreams Deferred explores Sakia’s tragic end and the repercussions of grief, frustration and anger that rocked her communities thereafter. Wrenching footage from the trial of Sakia’s self-confessed murderer is interspliced with testimonials from citizens of Newark; Sakia’s queer community; her immediate family, and from community outreach workers. Appallingly to them is not only Sakia’s murder, but the fact that in the months that followed, the media paid minimal attention to it. Dreams Deferred is a powerful, devastating, documentary about community, tragedy, and a young woman’s life ripped short by the senseless violence of a stranger.

Free Admission There will be a special guest moderated discussion following the screening.

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