This is a call for participants for the Documentary Film Workshop
during Amakula Kampala International Film Festival to run from October 29th until November 06th, 2010.

The Observational Cinema Workshop by Kimi Takesue will take place from November 01st until 02nd, 2010 – 10:00am to 5:00pm (everyday).

Last year New York based film maker Kimi Takesue shot and completed a
documentary feature in Uganda which will now be premiered in the
country at the film festival. During the festival Kimi will host a 2
day workshop in which she will share her specific style and views on filmmaking.
Participants will be introduced to observational documentary
filmmaking and will be invited to see and document their familiar
surroundings in a new way. The goal will be to present lived human
experience in a way that respects the context in which that experience
takes place, while still presenting an artistic point of view. The
production seminar will consist of screenings, as well as a production
workshop culminating in a 5-10 minute observational-styled documentary.

This free film workshop is planned for 12 people. All perspective
workshop attendees must write a letter describing their background and
experience in filmmaking and motivate why they feel they should
attend.  Please submit your application letters to:
no later than October 22, 2010.

We look forward receiving your application and welcoming you to the
festival opening on October 29, 7 PM National Theatre.

Amakula Team

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