Hidden Cinema of the Southwest and Mexico
February 26th, 2011
University of Arizona
Center for Creative Photography

Hidden Cinema of the Southwest and Mexico
is a one-day symposium focusing on how and why amateur, industrial, educational, and independent filmmakers have represented the American Southwest and Mexico. The goal of the symposium is to help cultivate a more comprehensive understanding of the Southwest’s and Mexico’s cinematic past by showcasing and analyzing the ways the region has been imagined in “hidden” and lesser-known films produced by non-Hollywood and amateur filmmakers during the last century.  Proposals that offer historical, critical, and global interpretations that illuminate the region’s hidden cinematic history will be sought out.   ‘Hidden cinema’ is defined broadly but priority will be given to proposals that steer clear of widely distributed or well-remembered Hollywood films.  It is asked that presenters accepted to the program will be able to provide visual components (moving images and/or photographs) to illustrate their paper presentations.
Scholars, archivists, filmmakers and students are encouraged to submit proposals about hidden cinema in the Southwest, Mexico, or the Borderlands. Please email a 250 to 300-word description of the proposed presentation, a brief description of the materials you wish to exhibit at the symposium and a short biography to submit@hiddencinema.org by November 15, 2010. Symposium presentations will be 30-45 minutes in length.
The symposium will be held at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona, in the heart of the Southwest and less than 100 miles from the US-Mexico border. The internationally-known Center for Creative Photography is an archive and research center that retains the archives of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Garry Winogrand, Harry Callahan, and other great 20th century photographers-over fifty archives in all.
Hidden Cinema: Southwest and Mexico is a collaboration between the University of Arizona Department of English, the Center for Creative Photography, Northern Arizona University’s School of Communication and Cinema and Visual Culture Studies program, and Northern Arizona University Special Collections at Cline Library.
Symposium organizers are: Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, associate professor of English at the University of Arizona, Dr. Janna Jones, associate professor of Communication and Director of Cinema and Visual Culture Studies at Northern Arizona University and Dr. Mark Neumann, professor and Director of the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University

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