¿Quién diablos es Juliette?, directed by Carlos Marcovich will be screened Tuesday, August 24th at 7pm at the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium.

Director Carlos Marcovich met Mexican model Fabiola Quiroz during the shooting of a music video in Cuba where he selected Yuliet Ortega to play her younger sister.  Both Quiroz and Ortega have been abandoned by their fathers and are deeply scarred by what has happened.  After shooting the music video, Marcovich filmed the two women over a period of three years and created the film, Who the Hell is Juliette?

Marcovich arranges a reunion between Juliette (Yuliet) and her father.  Fabiola sets up an interview for her to be a model… with interesting results.

The film is considered to be a very creative “low budget” film by some and “quirky” by others.  It has been labeled as a docudrama as well as a “mockumentary”.  Come make your own interpretation.

Sponsored by CUBAmistad.

Free admission.

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