The “France Noire/Black France” Film Festival is a showcase for films that focus on the historical and contemporary experiences of people of African descent in French society.  The festival seeks to bring into sharp visual relief the differing representations and lived realities of those who identify themselves and are identified as “Les Noirs de et en France.” It also aims to promote and draw necessary light to a hugely important, though largely under-exposed, cinematic genre that focuses broadly on “Blacks” in France and the shifting cultural and social terrain that they have shaped in the métropole and territories identified and/or understood as “France.”

The festival will take placy May 21 – 23, 2010 at the Forum des Images in Paris.
Co-organizers:  Arlette Frund (Université de Tours), Trica Danielle Keaton (Vanderbilt University),Tracy Sharpley-Whiting (Vanderbilt University), Maboula Soumahoro (Université de Tours), and the celebrated filmmaker, Euzhan Palcy, as the honored guest.

Click here for more information onFrance Noire/Black France Film Festival

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