If you are in the area of Wilmington, North Carolina during your Spring Break, you may want to visit the Cameron Art Museum.  From March 18th-21st, the North Carolina Black Film Festival (formerly the Cine Noir Film Festival) will screen films, host Q&A meetings after screenings, and provide FREE workshops for the public and participating filmmakers.

For more information, including descriptions of each movie, go to BlackArtsAlliance.org.



6 p.m. Opening Night Reception with 2010 Distinguished Filmmaker honoree Scott Sanders.

7 p.m. “Black Dynamite”


6 p.m. shorts program – “Crossing the Sands” (by Sean LeSure), “The Late Mr. Mokun Williams” (Kenneth Price), “Slow Day at the Sportsman’s” (Roger Brown), “Sunday Evening Haircut” (Sean LeSure), “Children for a Day” (Glenn Pack), “Father’s Day” (Brian Rolling), “Queen Victoria’s Wedding” (B.J. Rouse) and “Empty Space” (Rob Underhill)

8 p.m. feature TBA

10 p.m. Coast Family “For Reel”! Jam with the Black Arts Alliance and Coast 97.3 FM.


10 a.m. Filmmakers’ Power Brunch

Noon: Going to the Show (interactive workshop, free)

1 p.m. Talent-Link Workshop (workshop, fee required)

2 p.m. Documentary shorts – “Can She Be Saved?” (by 2010 Emerging Filmmaker Yasmin Shiraz), “The Challenge” (by Spike Spillberg) and

“Gone but not Forgotten”(by Nakia Hamilton)

5 p.m. Documentary shorts –

“Rescue Men: The Story of the Pea Island Surfman” (by Allan R. Smith),

“An Interview with Joseph McNeil” (by Chris Mudarri) and “Wilmington Ten: Justice Denied … Lives Interrupted” (by Francine DeCoursey)

5 p.m. “Coming Correct,” feature by Joseph L. Stovall


2 p.m. “The Life I Meant to Live,” feature by Leander Sales

4 p.m. “Obama in North Carolina: The Path to History,” documentary by Cash Michaels

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